She is a soft rose poked by own thorns…

Drop of the rose seed on the small garden only made the lady owner happiest, she thought the rose could make her garden eternally beautiful, she waters the rose with love, placed the rose where it would blossom to a positive view, she cares each and every detail about the rose because that was her very first rose in her garden… finally that rose blossomed, she almost forget about her own self and full concern on the rose! Man owner of the garden got to know that unexpected rose has finally become whole and smiling happily with the lady owner… the man owner came and told the lady owner “you cant keep the rose with you, it should grow wealthy let me keep this rose in my big garden with other flowers” that poor lady owner’s happiness didn’t last long… will the rose be happy in the new rich garden with other flowers? or it would do fine with that poor lady who contents of love? The rose placed at the new garden, this rose was totally different from other flowers over there… varieties of flowers – flower with jealousy, emotional, insecure, high tempered and many more.. how this rose full of love would cope up here? would the new owner give what that rose was raised off? that love? each time people visit the garden everyone would pinpoint the rose why does it look so different? where it came from? The rose used to hide many times when visitors come over because of those questions… strong rose stand sturdy although many stones had been thrown upon, that rose can’t be shaken easily because it was raised with love – rose was raised well by the new owner but sometimes some aspect might be missing and its not the new owner’s faults, after all, rose was totally an unplanned and a new flower in her garden… rose always remind herself that love is more than enough should not ask for more… rose counts all other flowers and the new owner as her thorns who would guard and protect her, they do protect her from others but failed to protect from their own words – you don’t belong to this garden, do you think you would remain fresh as this at your old garden? Your old owner so poor to take care of you! You should be thankful forever towards us! she was poked by her own thorns at one point! The rose was torn apart by those thorns -you could get angry if any others hurt you but how about anything you count yourself as yours? would not the rose be happy in that poor garden alone with her lady owner? Will the root of the rose could change again? That rose never thought small changes in living place of her could make the biggest changes. That rose still believe she would get all love she deserves!

I admire that rose every single day she still could smile with her dull petals because she knows somehow and somewhere she will be showered again in love! Lubhyati plays a big role in everyone’s life…. keep love… it might change someone’s life…

man woman girl model
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