Little Spark Could Lighten Up Your Twin Flame…

Why thanks are much needed to this universe? I wouldn’t turn back and get arrested by his eyes if those plates do not drop! “Damn! why this unusual feeling?” You triggered a war between my brain and heart, heart says look at him again but brain says don’t! out of so many places in the restaurant why he should sit somewhere my eyes easily can roll to look at him? Anyhow my heart wins and I looked at him again…. BLOWN AWAY!!! He got hooked me with his love controller, his charm is real harm! My heart cravings don’t you feel as I do? Third look where we both looked each other at a time, he smiled but I was totally enchanted… he must be poured some spell on me through his eyes! May I sit here forever while enjoy this magical moment? Where were you all these while? Will I meet you again? Is this the first spark I was waiting for?IMG_20180924_130854


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